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Allerton Manor

A golf course destination for both business & pleasure.

For the past years, Allerton Manor gold club had maintained the same website, one that was more online brochure than considered digital experience. It was functional, but not exciting, doing little to convey the unique Golf club experience. With brand guidelines already established we were free to redisign the website, to deliver an effortless, memorable user experience.

Design and Development

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Through an extensive strategy phase, we developed a custom theme to ensure the results were in line and expectations.

Leading on from testing we developed easy navigation through pages and through the menu. Sectioned content that makes full use of imagery using a combination of fixed and scrollable layout. As a hotel and golf club Allerton Manor have a whole host of different offerings and services, including a golf course, restaurants with great variety of menus, conference and event rooms on top of being a wedding venue with multiple rooms. Such a complex structure had to be broken down into an uncomplicated system for users to easily navigate.

Tech Stack:
HTML, CSS, JS, WordPress and Woocommerce.