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SK Jewellery

Online Store for exquisite fine jewelry.

SK Jewellery is a true pioneer in the jewellery industry, boldly combines art and tradition, using state-of-art technology with immaculate craftsmanship to create the most stunning jewellery pieces and collectables available in the market today.

Design and Development

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The aim was always to re-design something powerful with an authentic message which will light a spark in the client’s eyes which will in turn motivate the client for a purchase.

we combined minimalist design, easy navigation with bold accent colors, a broad showcase for products and offers, and the ability to customize the products by end-users to create an identity that complements the high-quality, refined products made by SK jewellery. After all these efforts we finally were able to deliver the website to the end-users and the reactions were surprisingly amazing.

Tech Stack:
HTML, CSS, PHP, Slick JS, WooCommerce, and WordPress.