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Well Suited

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The Brief

The CEO of the Well Suited came to Kasar Design looking to completely re-design and build their A.I. powered website,  for assessment-driven recruiting network used by premier investment banks to accurately, confidently, and equitably discover early-stage career candidates. 

Our approach

The old website had a very disjointed structure, dated design and poor user experience which many customers found difficult to use and navigate.

We wanted to create a website which would convey the true power of A.I and the beauty of the  A.I website and the rare experience that guests can experience when using the website.

The project started, as always, with a completely blank canvas and we designed a beautiful website design which allowed imagery, animation, colors and typography to complement each other and provide an alluring insight into the Suited A.I experience.

The outcome

Through piecing together bespoke web design, a powerful and custom-built website, the result is one we are all very proud to showcase and highlights the brilliant effect these components of a website have when integrated together properly.

Matt Spencer - Well Suited

KasarDesign have been fantastic throughout the whole process. The team is very clear, insightful and easily contactable. The most up to date software are used to support the new website we have designed. We are pleased with the creative design achieved with our new brand and web design.